7 Errors in Building Link Building
Many practitioners experienced internet back links to estimate the effect on Google ranking reached 90%. Because it is for players SEO back links is something that is most important. Unfortunately not all understand it correctly. For beginners, it is important to understand that not all back links provide benefits, one greeting can actually damage rather than bring benefits.

Link building is good and right is reasonable, or in the world of SEO is often called a natural. Google or other search engines do not design their ranking system to fool, but to give tribute to a good website and get a link back naturally. 

Link building is good and right is not something easy to do, let alone manually. Unfortunately that’s the only way to link back that we get really bring benefits. But of course there is the bright side. Those of us who have capital barely even have the same opportunity to succeed.

Mental instant success makes most people doing a  kamikazecampaign link building way, pursuing as many back links as soon as possible regardless of where it came from. Players who have sufficient funds do not even care how much money is buried there. This practice is actually counter-productive. Maybe a moment you will see positive developments, but once Google and other search engines to detect the phenomenon of link building that is not fair, you have to start again from scratch but instead only of minus.

Practicing the brutal methods of link building can destroy the hard work that has been initiated for months. So be careful in doing link building campaign. Here is the error that is often done badly. Either way, try to avoid it.

1. Bulk Link Package

Many people who take advantage of our laziness by offering an enticing package link. “Get Thousands of inbound links instantly!” Maybe you never get spam emails offering roughly similar. What did he offer similar to the way he offers, spam. If you hate spam, as well as search engines. Never bandwagon. Your website might even be in the tire by search engines.

You need to know that search engines respect the reputation of the website. Although the website you can go out again from the status of the tire, a bad reputation would deprive the website once the tires to get a good ranking.

2. Link Exchange

At the time, link exchange had widened the main method of link building strategy. You put a link to the website to others, he put on his website link to your website. Equally fortunately, are both getting benefits, right? One big! Google and other search engines give a negative value to this mechanism when they realize the existence of hundreds of link-farm, automated facility that is placed on the website and instantly build thousands of link exchange to other websites that become participants.

The system is now able to detect a search engine link exchange, and due to the negative practice of link-farms, link exchange taxable resin. Benefits link exchange now said may no longer exist, and if you get a link exchange website through major networks that facilitate it, wolud be negative.

3. Links from Page is Not Indexed

Often people spend a lot of time to get back links from web pages that are not indexed. Links from pages that are not indexed does not mean anything, just wasting my time. There are two possibilities are not indexed, these pages are new, or search engines have visited but did not consider it important to be indexed. If the first possibility that occurs, you still can expect the benefits they may later be indexed, but if the latter happens, you waste time in vain.

So even if you are not lucky enough to only get links from pages that are not indexed, make sure the page is indexed potential. Currently, the page with dozens of links on it as many pages link exchange earlier times, is not indexed anymore.

4. Not Using Anchor Text

Glance, this may not seem like a problem. But imagine if you’ve managed to get 2.000 back links without anchor text, your website can easily be categorized as spammers. Anchor text is one factor used to assess the relevance of the link between two websites. Besides can be categorized as spam, relevance is not detected due to lack of anchor text also cause the value of back links is very low.

5. Irrelevant

Search engines, especially Google, are getting smarter. The logic of their search continues to grow to increasingly improve their function, providing information relevant to that demand. The relevance of this is the key to business search engine. If search engines fail to provide relevant search results, people do not use anymore, and they folded. 

Because it is very concerned about the relevance of search engines. If the website you get natural links from websites with relevant content, the value of a link that will be very good for your website. Conversely, links back from websites that are irrelevant does not make the search engines assume your website is important.

6. Inorganic Links

Google’s page rank system to design them to work organically. Links back are looking for is that happening is fairly natural. Roughly speaking naturally be interpreted as slowly but consistently, from various kinds of relevant websites. If you get 1000 new link in a day, Google would have a direct alarm sounds, and unless you can constantly get new links 1000 in a day, your website will be kicked out of the index.

7. Buying Links

Back links from websites that have high page rank is very valuable if we pursue ranking on Google. You can buy links from websites with high page rank, and the price is not playing. In a website offered a link from a website with page rank 7 for $ 250 per month. If you search on search engines you will find many people who made the sale of air-link from the website high page-rank this as a profitable business.

But now the instant power of such a link is no longer relevant. Google has been very vigilant. There have been many reports to discount Google’s page rank websites that get caught selling links. It is not possible Google will develop a monitoring mechanism that includes a buyer too.

Link building is good and true, long-term benefits, is a natural and organic. Look for a back link that is only one direction, relevant, and from websites that have good page rank. If possible from web pages that have good page rank. Do not get stuck with things that are instant. In the long run, link building is slowly but constantly so that natural look will bring a continuous flow of traffic as well.

Source: www.seobali.com
4 incorrect assumptions about online business

What’s wrong with online business? phenomenon that I found during the study and to pursue an online business so much. I’ll give a little to you about this mysterious myth. Here are some incorrect assumptions about online business, at least according to my personal

1. Online Business = Rich Fast

If you also think so, Throw away the idea that Online Business = Rich Fast now ! That’s garbage thinking that ultimately will make you not so serious. If a business online = rich fast, I’m sure the people who wrestle IM (Internet Marketing) are all getting rich so fast.

But the fact is not so! Internet marketing is not as easy as you think. It is not logical if the formula is true: = online business get rich fast. The reason is very simple, online business is just like a conventional business (business in the real life) in general. It’s just that the media used by internet marketing is done online via the internet. 

So STOP thinking that online business = rich fast, because after all it really depends on the efforts and hard work we do.

Online businesses should be treated the same way you do business in real life. That certainly will not be apart from the capital (in money, effort, mind and times), business, business management and marketing (promotion). And the important thing is to run in earnest, diligent, patient, serious, and never give up.

So is not it? Online business even so, it takes effort and take REAL ACTION!

Not just a dream to be rich but no action at all … it’s the same with a BIG ZERO! So actually it is natural if there who think online businesses are very close to fraud. And not a few too many people who try and go backwards. For this reason, he was frustrated because the results are not as expected.

Discard dreams can get rich quick, think of internet marketing is a business that you live like you’re opening a store (business in the real life). Which, of course, requires capital, action, effort, passion, and spirit. 

I personally consider more online business is another way to make money is abundant. Not to get rich fast! Once again please note, an online business that takes real action, it takes time, study and practice.

2. Assuming anyone can get rich with an online business

With very sure I dare to say to the perception of the above is NOT TRUE! Why …? If you do business online, and online time you use was limited to browsing, chatting and just learn alone is tantamount to there will be no money would you get. 

However, if you can take advantage of everything on the internet to promote an online business you run is another matter. Do not be naive thinking of doing business online, there will be no customers who will see you without you introduce yourself to them.

All you have to do but it is, keep working. Do what you can today and keep learning. Learning is important, but whatever information and knowledge you gain will not be useful at all without your practice.

Well, still think online businesses can do all those?

The truth is that online business is only for people willing to learn, work hard and take action. One thing you should appreciate is TIME. Indeed, sometimes nothing works in a short time, but it is the fruit of their own hard work. Successful in online business is never side with the people who half-heartedly, and it proved more a failure than a success.

Appreciate the time and be patient, because your ability will be tested by time. How can you keep the spirit, will increasingly bring you in the right direction for success in online business

3. Consider Internet marketing is very complicated.

Frankly, if you say it is complicated, it is “yes”. However, if said to be very complicated, “not well”.

Why? These questions all come back on ourselves. It depends on the seriousness you live it. All started from ignorance, so that motivates many people to learn, learn and keep learning.

And learning is not enough, you have to practice it and started trying to do so directly. There are many things we encounter in doing internet marketing, and it will test your spirit. How can you be able to face challenges and obstacles?

Throw away the idea that internet marketing is something very, very complicated. In fact this is so, but nothing is impossible, as long as we try and believe, must be …. Take action on anything is needed, including an online business.

Nothing complicated if we want to spend a little time to open up insights about things that we think it is complicated. We can learn, we can find out. So, do not worry …. Do not be scared by that name is wrong or fails.

4. Consider an online business it’s free and result Abundant

Point one is still embedded in many online business beginner. However, a surprising pattern like that always think the last long until they are able to realize it.

All you have to remember, that free actually do exist. But the results are not going for what you want. Which games were still require capital. You are still required to work harder. And the average of the results are not for free rather than in need of capital (paid). 

Any free ones require you to be online much longer, and the process is too difficult anda taking longer time needed, rather than profit and loss instead. Both wasted time and other things that will hit you in the future.

Although not all of them, because whatever it is fixed return on your hard work. When you think business, you should already know that. This can be likened your work to others, and of course the result will not be maximal.

From now on do not you scared out of capital, as long as you want to succeed. Convince yourself, success was greater on the side of those who dare to invest, not just effort and hard work.

4 incorrect assumptions about online business above, I think you can ponder how vital to us as an online business. Writing this has been through a long journey, so I dared to think so. At least that’s what I feel, if you think you have another idea would be so I would expect the input and enhancements to member responses to this article.

Greetings success …
5 Marketing Mistakes And How to fix it

In fact, almost all businesses actually able to increase the clappers. That if they want to correct some mistakes. Especially in how to build a good marketing strategy

1. Does not have a uniqueness that distinguishes itself from competitors.

Why should it unique? And uniqueness of what is meant? 

Uniqueness is a characteristic that will be a special attraction for consumers. This characteristic can be a cheaper price, without compromising the quality of course. 

Or it could be in terms of service. For example give a longer warranty period than usual, and others. Or it could also provide various, bonuses, gifts, souvenirs and so forth. 

The uniqueness is needed to make consumers feel lucky, get more, and can directly differentiate from its competitors. Uniqueness that will make consumers feel getting more than the price paid. 

Uniqueness is not only beneficial to the business owner himself, but also for consumers.

2. Not prepare a strategy to make advanced bidding. 

We already have a main product, is very important to find other products are also related. Then prepare to be a subsequent offering. 

This example, let’s say your product is textbook. But why stop there? Why not prepare other products related? For example learning equipment, courses, private tutor, and others. 

By preparing a strategy to offer advanced, means to give you the opportunity to get additional revenue. Many business people do not realize the importance of this strategy. And just focus on selling the main product only.

Though often happens, the next bidding  more profitable. For example, a photographer who charges 10 grand for a photo. But after that, she offered to decorate picture frames. 

We found a lot of internet marketers who want to provide free ebook on the internet. Though they are adequately qualified ebook, and definitely sold if sold. At that time, they did not ask for compensation in the form of money, but only an email address. Why? 

Because, by providing an email address, then you have permitted them to conduct follow-up bargains. 

Initial follow-up is vital to every business. If you limit yourself to only one sale, then you will lose many opportunities. 

In the internet marketing world this is known also as the need for internet marketing strategies.

3. Failed to provide confidence and ease 

Not surprisingly, we see many companies that have not been realized how important it is to give confidence and the impression that doing business with them is easy, maybe even enjoyable. 

Why would they want to make things difficult? 

Really every businessman to realize that they will lose customers if the customers feel frustrated or dissatisfied? 

Is it true that consumer satisfaction is the main thing? Do not let this happen to your business.  Internet marketing services, you always make it feasible as a main point in running your online business marketing

Here are some tips that will make consumers become easy and sure to do business with you: 

When consumers call. 
The way you answer or serve is vital. This is an opportunity to introduce ourselves. If the customer gets an unpleasant impression, maybe you will lose the opportunity for profit. 
Smile, and the whole world will smile with you. 
A smile will make it easy for consumers to do business with you. No one who thinks that a smile is just a marketing tool, because the essence of a smile more than just ethics and decency. A smile will make consumers feel happy and appreciated. 
Provide fast service
Time is important for consumers. They do not want anyone to take it. It would look very unprofessional if you let customers wait too long. 

4. Failed to find out what the consumers want. 

Very ironic that many business people who may be due less to master marketing, does not provide enough time to find out for sure, what the consumers want and in need. 

They just want their products sold. By assuming that the product is certainly desirable. But it was not the underlying assumption of facts. And while no one would buy, they blame so many things. 

Excessive self-confidence, without the underlying knowledge and marketing capabilities, will lead to arrogance and blind belief. 

There is no other way for marketers to know what they want, except to make time to do it. 
If you want other people to do business with you, then you should be able to fulfill the desire for the following things: 

• Quality is better.
• The services faster.
• Prices were cheaper.
• Confidence to quality.
• All the things that make life so much easier.
• Products that can make them look better.
• Items that can be used repeatedly.
• Products that last longer.
• Something that produces solutions.
• The things that work more effectively.
• The things that make life so much fun.
• The things that give more benefits. 

5. Failed in giving a reason. 

We offer the products or services, whether through media or directly, always include the reason. Tell them the clear identification on you, your business, your company, your products or your services. 

Give a reason related to the price. If cheaper, how can it be? Is it because the cost of production? Delivery? Or if more expensive, why? Is it because of its quality? Materials? How to workmanship? Or whatever it is, you should prepare a clear description. 

Tell them why they should buy from you. Make a compelling reason, can be trusted, actual, and honest. Explain why they should entrust their money to you. 

To the five points above very positive to be applied to your business, especially for those of you who seriously on the path to go through internet marketing. Hopefully you can become a successful internet marketing specialist.

Web Based Business Systems For Your Business

Nowadays the internet can bring many benefits for everyone, especially for the business world. Many companies, both small and large scale which utilizes the internet to support their business. In fact there are only focused using the Internet as the main medium of doing business, which is often known as web based business or online business.

Companies can use the Internet to grow their business, will certainly get a much larger income. On the other side will be able to save on capital expenses (cost fees) on any business operations.

Through the internet, a company with its own will have a high level of visibility (see more people more broadly, without geographical restrictions - universal). Of course, supported by a web based accessibility.

Internet as a medium for marketing and advertising

Benefits of the Internet in the field of business one is easier and expand marketing network. Ability accessibility web based business is very possible the formation of a global network, with almost no restrictions. The existence of a web based business to reach all segments of Internet users and businesses maximize the marketing of products, goods or a company's services.

Lots of marketing convenience that can not be found as the manual marketing ( traditional marketing), requiring hardware, time, cost and great care.

Online Marketing using the web to make web based business can save you budget properly. Web-based business does not require a huge cost, but it takes perseverance, consistency and high innovation to market products and goods on the internet.

To do marketing and advertising, there are so many options available. As for using facilities paid advertisements, affiliate services, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites and other media. It could even be done utilizing the free advertising and the use of social networking sites.

Web based businesses have tremendous revenue potential, today the use of the Internet as the main medium rapidly growing marketing promotions.

Greater customer

The key advantage of the Internet for business is the potential for customer growth are abundant. A small business without a website may only be able to compete with other local small businesses in the region.

However, by using or doing business on the internet, the company will have the potential to get customers from all over the world. This is because the internet is always online 24 hours a day and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and anytime. And certainly, an online store no opening hours and closing. These are some of the advantages of multiple online stores.

Internet users is the biggest consumer. If we open a store in a particular area then it is possible the store will only be known by the region alone. But if we open the store via the internet then the store is not only known by people in the region, even the existence of the store to get out of the country.

Expanding Network

Which also includes the benefits of the Internet in business is the opening of a network and cooperation with employers or other organizations. Many Internet businesses has made ​​cooperation with others in their fields, where they can share their solutions on the challenges-and share the benefits of the businessby using the internet.

This fact by itself would support increasing experience while encouraging the growth of their business.

Got a business?

From now on do not hesitate to run a web based business systems for your businesssuccess.

This article written by. Isnaidi Bangka well known as Bang-Is , fell free to visit his personal weblog at : Bang-Is Blog

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